All cats have individual 2 level suites in an indoor cattery. There is reverse cycle split system conditioning for comfort. Cats are welcome to roam around the room one at a time. There’s a sunny window sill to sit on, scratch poles to claw and a fish pond to explore ……no fish sorry! The cattery also has music playing, they really enjoy it.

All food is supplied. Supercoat and whiskas dry biscuits are available at all times, with morning meals of the wet varieties.

If a prescription diet is required this must be supplied by the owner.

Baskets and bedding are available, owners are also welcome to bring along kitties favourite bedding.

All cats must have a current F3 or F4 vaccination or have their final booster 10-14 days prior to boarding.

have been boarding my boxer dogs with this family business for over 20 years. Always recommend them to friends and colleagues.

Roxanne Wallace Bart

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