All dogs are housed in individual kennels unless owners request dogs from the same family are to share accommodation.

Our kennels are fully insulated and air-conditioned for comfort. Each dog has an outdoor run from their indoor kennel. Cement flooring ensures hygienic conditions. We use a high pressure cleaner with hospital grade disinfectant daily.

A large grassed exercise yard is available everyday for each dog to use individually for as much time as they need.

Large hammock beds are provided in each kennel. We can also provide low duckboards with bedding for the seniors or those affected by arthritic conditions. Your pets favourite blanket or toy is welcome, but no bean bags please!

have been boarding my boxer dogs with this family business for over 20 years. Always recommend them to friends and colleagues.

Roxanne Wallace Bart

With Atmosphere

All kennel buildings have music playing, they love it and so do we.

Two meals per day are supplied for all dogs unless otherwise directed by owners. Dogs receive a morning meal of diced chicken roll and a afternoon feed of Super Coat dry food. Prescription diets must be supplied by owners.

All dogs must have a current C5 vaccination, or have their vaccination no less than 10-14 days prior to boarding. Certificates must be shown on arrival. We have 24hr vet assistance.

We'd Love to hear from you

Not sure how much it all Costs? Concerned your Pet won’t feel the love like it does at home? Get in touch and we’ll run you through everything you need to know and answer all your questions, most importantly how well your dog will be treated and how much they’re going to love their stay!